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The use of this website is prohibited on any third party sites without Prior Consent, Any Logo remains the property of its retrospective owners and the owner has sought consent to use prior to displaying any copyrighted Images or purchased use from said owners or agents where possible, Majority of images contained herein are copyright to seashorecaravan.co.uk

Should we have used a copyrighted image unknowingly please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will remove said image without liability and accept no penalties thereof..

Owners logo reserved solely for use by www.seashorecaravan.co.uk, Park rules are available by email request.

The Copying of this site or any part of is NOT PERMITTED under any circumstance, This website is ran by Private Individuals with non profits.

All Information contained within this site is accurate at time of creation and the owners of this site accept no liability for any third parties mentioned herein or referenced material thereof inclusive of copyright. Where no formal request to remove said images has been issued any said penalties incurred will be null & void.

Any Personal Information given is retained solely by the owners of this site and is not sold or shared with any third parties that are not involved in the booking process, upon booking you are giving your consent to hold this information securely on file and can request we remove it from file at any time, This information is required by us to process your booking, All information is Private & Confidential and is stored on web based servers until such time you choose to opt out by emailing us at [email protected]

This website has been created to offer a platform for any potential letting requirements for any perspective guests only - All offered by Private Owners / Individuals with no registered company.

In future it may be the decision of the owners of this site to change any layout, Wording or content of the site without notice .

We may take the decision to offer other services such as third party lettings, in which case the owner will withdraw the right to ascertain the reliability of any third parties suggested neither will they take responsibility for those members advertising on this site.

The owner site without limitation accepts no liability for any losses incurred by you, nor accepts penalties thereof.

When booking with an owner on our site, You are entering a contract between the owner & yourself - Seashore Caravan reliquishes all rights in the booking process unless by mutual agreement which you have already given when entering your booking details.

Should you be fully managed by seashorecaravan.co.uk then our contract of hire applies, no charge is aplpied for these services and running costs are split between owners accordingly, You must give notice of termination or suffer penalties thereof . All guests bookings are to be honoured upon termination or alternative accomodation costs covered by you in the event of reselling you holiday home/caravan.

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