Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

A platform allowing people to book a holiday to Haven Seashore Great Yarmouth, Without the worry of being scammed, as these days it is all too commonly found on social media.

There are other reputable booking sites, Caravans4hire, Haven direct etc,

All listings are adverts from private owners only

"Yes that's right Haven do not own all caravans they hire"

We may also advertise listings on a number of the above websites, but please feel free to point out any indiscretions you may find.

A group of us decided that for the cost of setting up a website, compared to some advertising fees charged - that It was a good idea to offer our own network of caravans

to perspective guests, whilst offering the service and security of knowing all caravans are inspected and verified by us personally.

How are you different to other letting websites ?

Well we have strict criteria that needs to be met before any caravan is advertised on our site,

This criteria includes a personal meeting with every owner wishing to contribute material on our site, a full caravan inspection and all photographs are taken by us,

so nothing hidden etc.

What you see is what your get !

So who is really behind ?

We are a small group of owners who just want to see people get value for money,

we are not in it for profit and like to share our holiday homes with other families, as we can't always make it to site and would rather see them lived in, than vacant etc.

Are you a business ?

No, In simple terms all of us are working class folk with average jobs, (being honest) the added income helps us keep our caravans and maintain our website.

We do have to pay tax on any profit, but we generally run at a loss as private owners finance, running costs and pitch fees outway any benefit.

For more information please see our ABOUT US Page

Why do you charge the rates you do ?

Sometimes, We do feel a little guilty taking your hard earned cash but what you do get is "value for money" along with that home from home feeling.

The majority of caravans have added extras you wouldn't necessarily receive when booking through Haven directly.

You also know exactly what caravan you will be staying and location a week before arrival.

We "average" the cost depending on date, or season (Peak / Off Peak) and the grade of the caravan to help meet our yearly site fees/bills etc.

Website running costs and other charges are deducted from the advertised hire charge before your payment is sent to the caravan owner

It's a Caravan - How much could it really cost ?

We were once Haven consumers spending hundreds on a weekend trip away but have now invested tens of thousands of pounds in purchasing our own caravans,

Our cheapest model listed was over £20,000 when purchased, In addition to that we have yearly fees of between £4000 & £7000 depending on park location

and that's just to keep our caravans on site and in running order (not the tip top condition we provide)

One day maybe it will be buy a caravan and get free holidays for life,

but for now all we get is the odd weekend/weeks stay and a yearly bill that lands on our doorsteps just before Christmas ... Typical :-)

So why do you charge a damage deposit ?

Well, We are not a large or national company, as private individuals we need to ensure our caravans remain free from damage.

In saying this we appreciate the odd accident happens every now and have a fair damage policy.

The damage deposit is really our "insurance" - Some refer to this as a security deposit

We assume you'll be wanting your money back at the end of your holiday, so hopefully no malicious damage caused during your stay

(it happens, you wouldn't believe it but ........)

Do I get a refund if I cancel ?

We will refund based on our terms & conditions, as agreed on completion of our booking form,

The holding deposit is non refundable as it is taken to secure dates only,

The hire charge only may be refunded in part depending on when notice of termination/cancellation is served and will vary depending holiday commencement date.

Will I get BLACKLISTED if I cancel ?

No, We understand that some peoples plans do change however please respect the fact that we cannot always re-let which is why fees apply

Guestscan & Other BLACKLISTING sites are only utilised in the event of malicous damage, Eviction, willful intention of destruction of property or similar - Serious cases may lead to prosecution

Why cant I rent a caravan at Christmas?

The park is subject to council licence rules and lettings are only allowed between Mid-March and the beginning of November

How do I know my payments are safe ?

As per our terms & conditions all monies paid are stored in a holding account until your stay is completed,

All damage deposits are placed into a separate account and credit/debit card payments are processed through "Bourne Leisure" or Stripe directly, both are PCI Compliant

Haven is a subsidiary of Bourne Leisure

All refundable deposits are returned subject to terms & conditions being met.

What about Data Protection ?

Your personal data is never sold or given to any parties not involved in the booking process

All transactions are secure and SSL encrypted.

We utilise the services of and freetobook, both have secure & encrypted form processing systems for all emails where personal information is transmitted ,

These are deleted from the formsite servers on receipt of the email.

What do I do if I have a complaint ?

Letting a holiday home is hard work and is ultimately very time-consuming.

As owners ourselves we realise that both owners and customers can be difficult to manage, often expecting a level of service/standards that you would expect from a large corporation,

However as a group we can work together to minimise the number of complaints received, Ultimately both the Owner and the Hiree will be listened to

and a third parties opinion sought where applicable.

Here at we take our customer complaints very seriously

and will try to correct any issues within the time frames stipulated in our terms & conditions,

If the complaint is regarding Park facilities or staff then this should be addressed to Haven directly,

However should you have a complaint with any of the services / caravans offered by us directly or any owner advertising on our site

please contact us directly at complaints and we will investigate thoroughly.

Please do not contact us on the above email for any other reason,

The email is a no reply email address and read only by our complaints department who will contact you via your registered email on file.

We pride ourselves on High Standards and recommend the use of a single cleaning company to all those owners hiring via our website.

This helps to ensure these standards are maintained, However we do not insist these services offered are undertaken by the caravan owner

and offer a 3 strike system to ensure that if a third party cleaner is used, then the clean is to the standard our guests have come to enjoy; otherwise the caravan is removed from our website.