Just a little about us ,We are a group of owners who are going through or have been at our "mid-life" crisis stage in recent years and we are looking to re-live our days of youth with our families!

We enjoyed Great Yarmouth as youngsters and have so many memories of those shared family trips to the seaside in the late 80's /mid 90's that well,

What better way to re-live this than to buy a caravan ?..Humm..

In reality, I don't think any of us had intentions of owning a caravan at first, and I certainly never thought I would be taking home the receipt for one after a long weekend .. but here we are now.

(Honestly - No Regrets.)

These days we have very busy lives and just look for an escape to the coast every now and then; so rather than have our caravans empty during those times when we are at work or just can't make the journey for some reason or other, we thought what else was there to do but to share them with all those who have been lucky enough to have stumbled across our website.

With costs ever increasing, we admit we may need a little help from time to time with the yearly running costs so have to charge a fair price against park prices direct, but usually we will be cheaper on the overall hire charge.

So, You maybe asking why Haven if it's so expensive?

Well after revisiting Haven Seashore so many years on, it just felt like a second home to us all and,really,that's where our ownership story begins ....so here we are now!.

The site is the best in Great Yarmouth, in our opinion!

Please feel free to share our website with your closest friends & family to help support

'The Good Ole Great British Holiday'.

We would though, like you to be certain that all owners who advertise on our site are not in it for the profit and are just looking to cover their expenses,

As found on our FAQ page.

We appreciate your support in choosing a private owner for your booking and you'll not be disappointed.

Thank You from all at www.seashorecaravan.co.uk

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